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Nuclear Football League Playoff Scenario

After Week Number 12


Note:  This is how I see the scenarios.  Take a look.  If you see a problem or have a question, let me know
Remember the Tie Breakers Are:


Best won-lost-tied record
2. Head-to-head (best won-lost-tied record in games between the clubs).
3. Best won-lost-tied record in games played within the conference
4. Best won-lost-tied record in common games
5. Best net points in all games (net points = starters points).
6. Strength of schedule (won-lost-tied record of teams played).
7. Coin toss.

Alpha Conference

* Teams Assured of Playoff Berth :     Dawgpound, DC Alley Cats, Mudcats, Gunslingers
* Dawgpound wins Conference  
either 1, 2 or 3 occur:
1. They win this week vs. the Trojans (Tiebreaker No. 1)
    2. They lose and The Mudcats defeat the DC Alley Cats this week 
(Tiebreaker 2: 2-0 Record vs. Mudcats)  
    3. They lose, the DC Alley Cats defeat the Mudcats but the Dawgpound have more Total Points (Tie Breaker No. 5)  
After Week 12 the Dawgpound has 5 more points than the DC Alley Cats
* DC Alley Cats wins Conference if   They Win, The Dawgpound Loses, and The DC Alley Cats have more Total Points (Tiebreaker No. 5)
* Mudcats   See Dawgpound Scenario No. 2


Beta Conference

* Teams Assured of Playoff Berth:    Shockers and either the Trojans or Rough Riders
* Shockers Are Conference Champions
  If Shockers Lose in Week 13 and The Trojans win:
The Shockers still hold Tie Breaker No. 2 (2-0 Record vs. The Trojans)
* Trojans make the Playoffs if:   They Win in Week 13
* Rough Riders make the Playoffs if:   They win in Week 13 and the Trojans Lose in Week 13:
By Tie Breaker No. 3 (Head to Head is Split, Trojans would be 4-4 in Conference while Rough Riders would be 5-3 in Conference)

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